MOTOWN THE MUSICAL Star Bryan Terrell Clark Shares What’s Going On With Life, Career and Marvin Gaye

MOTOWN THE MUSICAL‘s Bryan Terrell Clark recently spoke with about making his Broadway debut as Marvin Gaye and the events that have shaped his career in the worlds of theater and music.

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To say I met “Marvin Gaye” would be a disservice to the originally talented Bryan Terrell Clark, who plays the music icon in the Tony nominated “Motown The Musical.”

Sure Clark has Gaye’s smile. In meeting him it turns out that’s not acting, it’s a gift. But Clark does feel a strong connection to the singer as they both have a penchant for wearing hats, are both Aries and drink a lot of coffee. Most importantly, though, Clark enjoys being compared to Gaye because, like the Motown legend, Clark wants to be more than a pop star. He wants his music to means something.

Sitting down with Clark, I felt a connection with the singer/actor who made his Broadway debut with “Motown The Musical.” The two of us finished each other’s sentences and felt like old friends catching up. While I don’t think this bond was one sided, still Clark makes one feel at ease, even while looking at his handsome face with the smile of Marvin Gaye.

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