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Thursday, April 5, 2012

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5 Social Media Metrics That Matter Now


As businesses get more sophisticated in their use of social networking, so too are the metrics by which they measure social business ROI.

Back in the dawn of the social networking age, organizations relied almost solely on simple, standard metrics, such as the number of Facebook fans and likes or the number of Twitter followers and tweets/retweets, to determine their success. Those metrics are still important, but organizations today are developing more sophisticated metrics to measure their progress in meeting increasingly granular social objectives.

That makes it difficult to prescribe the social metrics that matter most, because what matters will differ depending on your organization’s size, industry, products, current goals for social, and so on. But some increasingly important social media metrics can be applied widely. Here are five that you should consider now.

1.Quality of fans/followers. You may have hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook or followers on Twitter. These numbers still matter, of course, but it’s critical to look beyond the numbers to the quality of those fans and followers. “More important than the quantity of followers on the major social media channels is the quality of followers,” said Tassoula E. Kokkoris, who manages a team of social ambassadors for Guidant Financial. “There are companies out there now that will allow you to purchase followers, but I don’t allow my team to do so because it will not be an effective return on investment. Sure, it may look impressive to see thousands of followers on a company profile, but other than the wow factor for visitors, what purpose does that large number serve?”

2. Social demographics. Related to the quality of fans and followers is knowing exactly who those fans and followers are. This will help to ensure that any social initiatives are hitting your core audience and achieving current business goals, but it will also help to uncover potential new customers and guide future marketing, advertising, customer service, product development, and other goals.

3. Most popular pages, posts and tweets. By now, most organizations realize that to succeed at social they need to maintain a consistent presence and dedicate resources to updating content and engaging with the audience. It’s easy to measure in pure numbers which pages, posts and tweets are most popular, but organizations need to go beyond the numbers to determine why they were popular. Was it a question that prompted a barrage of comments?

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#1.  Wicked, Original Broadway Cast Recording

#2.  Once: A New Musical, Original Broadway Cast Recording

#3. Jersey Boys, Original Broadway Cast Recording

#4.  The Book of  Mormon, Original Broadway Cast Recording

#5. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera At The Royal Albert Hall, Cast Recording

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