The Afternoon Report, Friday, April 13, 2012

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Friday, April 13, 2012

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FOLLIES is Dancing Into Town – Los Angeles magazine: Lucky LA getting the glorious FOLLIES • • •  [RT BobBalaban] Congrats to Raul Esparza and the entire inspired and inspiring cast of “LEAP OF FAITH“- I had a great time. Bravo everyone! • • • Great interview with JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR‘s Tom Hewitt! • • • Stellar! @JerseyBoysInfo JERSEY BOYS makes a welcome return! • • • Charles Busch (JUDITH OF BETHULIA) will be on tmw’s @frankdecaroshow on Sirius/XM (channel 108) at 12:15 PM. • • •

Facebook Tests Ways To Clarify Social Sharing
MediaBistro/All Facebook – by DAVID COHEN

One of the biggest concerns about using social readers is users’ confusion over whether or not content is being shared, and Facebook appears to be testing a solution to that issue.

Sister blog Inside Facebook reported that users of social readers tied to media outlets such as Digg, ESPN, The Huffington Post, and Yahoo News will now see two different icons to alert them if their friends will be able to see articles they read.

If a green circle with a check mark appears, it means the user’s social reader activity is set for on, and content they have read is visible. If they see a grey circle with a check mark, their activity is private.

Of course, users who post accidentally, or heavy readers who don’t want to bombard their Facebook friends, can always edit the settings of their social readers, or delete unwanted content via the activity logs on their timelines.

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