The Afternoon Report, Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015 

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@ROTTENBroadway, @HANDTOGODBway producer Kevin McCollum @CrainsNewYork ushers completey original stories to Broadway • • • RT @BroadwayBox: @MAMMAMIAMusical star @SweetJohnnyH talks spandex, the film that changed his life & his zoo-set wedding. • • • Performances begin TONIGHT for the @RealmTheatre production of @antondudley’s #CITYOF Check it out! • • • 


Stunning Victory Within Reach For Net Neutrality Advocates
Huff Post/Politics – by DANA LIEBELSON

Next month, a wonky government agency will rule on the fate of the Internet. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is expected to grant a major victory to net neutrality advocates, a stunning turnaround following years of conventional wisdom to the contrary.

But advocates aren’t celebrating yet. Instead, they’re watching to see if the FCC will create rules that are strong and enforceable, or that leave gaping holes for telecom and cable companies to drive through. They are also eyeing a Republican-backed proposal that, they say, will undermine a free and open Internet.

For months, the battle over net neutrality has centered on whether the FCC will reclassify consumer broadband Internet as a utility under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. Reclassification would empower the FCC to block Internet service providers, or ISPs, from charging content providers like Netflix more for reliable Internet access — thereby hampering, for example, a person’s ability to quickly and affordably stream “House of Cards.” (ISPs maintain that they won’t create a second network for faster service.)

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has indicated that he supports Title II — a proposal backed by President Barack Obama — and it’s widely believed that Wheeler will go that route. Republicans contend that such a move would qualify as government overreach, and they have introduced legislation that would essentially gut the agency’s authority. That bill’s fate is unclear, given that it’s unpopular among many Democrats but still makes big net neutrality concessions that telecom and cable companies might not favor.

Regardless, advocates say that Title II authority won’t mean much unless the FCC creates enforceable rules and doesn’t allow loopholes.

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10 predictions for marketers, the TV industry and the state of social in 2015
SmartBlog on Social Media – by JONATHAN FARB

The start of a new year means a new slate of predictions — we were pretty pleased with how the bets we placed on 2014 turned out, so we’re back for another round. Here are a few of the things we expect to see shake out in 2015:

1. The marriage of digital data and traditional data to provide business context: ​As once-­shiny­-new digital and social channels continue to mature, we believe more and more brands will begin looking at data from these channels next to more traditional data sets, be it sales figures, call center data, survey data, traditional research metrics, etc. While finding a correlation between your digital activity and your bottom line is the holy grail, the only way to get there is to take the first step: getting all of these inputs in one place. -

3. The battle for the video market continues:​With Facebook’s aggressive push to promote Facebook video, and Tumblr and Twitter also entering the mix, all of the social players are now striving to get their audiences onto video, while YouTube vies to hold down the throne as the streaming video hub of choice. The days of letting a competitive social platform host videos is gone — ­ native videos players are coming, and they’re here to stay. -

9. More curated news feed from Twitter/Instagram:​ With the success of Edgerank algorithms on Facebook, other platforms will continue to experiment, finding the magic formula that cuts through the noise and surfaces meaningful and interesting content to users.

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Broadway Ad Breakdowns:

Sunday, January 25, 2015
(b/w unless otherwise indicated) Continue reading

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CITY OF Begins Performances Tonight


The Playwrights Realm (Katherine Kovner, Artistic Director; Alexander Orbovich, Managing Director) is pleased to announce that performances begin tonight for the world premiere of City Of by Anton Dudley, directed by Stephen Brackett (Buyer & Cellar). The production runs January 27th through February 21st, 2015 with a February 5th opening at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater (416 W. 42nd Street, NYC).

Tickets are on sale now through, by calling (212) 279-4200, noon to 8 p.m. daily or by visiting the Ticket Central box office at 416 W. 42nd Street. Tickets range in price from $25 to $35 for all regular performances (February 6th thru 21st). Performances from January 27th – February 4th are SOLD OUT, and best availability begins February 6th. Performances are Monday – Saturday at 7:30pm. Student rush tickets are available for $10 for all performances from February 2nd thru February 21st.

The cast includes Suzanne Bertish (Machinal) as Eleanor, Colby Minifie (MCC’s Punk Rock) as Cammie, Devin Norik (CSC’s Unnatural Acts) as Dash, Steven Rattazzi (CBS’s Galileo) as Actor, Jon Norman Schneider (LCT’s The Oldest Boy) as Claude, and Cheryl Stern (La Cage aux Folles) as Actress.

City Of is The Playwrights Realm’s inaugural Alumni Production. This program is dedicated to mounting new works by the growing contingency of Alumni Playwrights who have already been produced by the company. Launching the Alumni Production not only adds a production to the season, but it also deepens The Realm’s commitment to being an artistic home where playwrights can grow over the long term. The Realm previously presented Anton Dudley’s play Substitution in 2008.

Somewhere in Paris, on a rainy night, a gargoyle falls in love with a pigeon, the ghost of Paul Verlaine recites poetry for passersby, and large glasses of emerald green absinthe are poured and consumed. Somewhere in Paris, on a rainy night, four Americans, lost and lonely, discover that their lives and their dreams are intertwined in ways they’d never imagined.

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The Afternoon Report, Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Boneau/Bryan-Brown is closing today at 3:00 p.m. due to travel conditions – but we will reopen tomorrow at our regular hours.

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@MAMMAMIAMusical’s Winter Newbie @starky8907 Celebrates His First #SnowDay @joeperrotta70 • • • Congrats to Alex Sharp and Russell Janzen. They just won Barnes Foundation Prize via @nytimesarts @CURIOUSBroadway • • • THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME’ Recoups on Broadway via @nytimesarts @CuriousBroadway • • • Congrats to Christopher Wheeldon on his National dance award for The Winters Tale. @AMERICANINPARIS • • • 


6 Social Media Practices That Boost SEO

Social media marketing and SEO [Search Engine Optimization] are two tightly interwoven strategies. Both are organic, inbound strategies that focus on building an appealing identity that naturally attracts visitors. Since social media relies on high-quality content and a visible, strong brand presence, the efforts you spend on SEO can doubly improve your social media reach, and as most search marketers will tell you, your social media presence can greatly increase your search rankings.

Unfortunately, when discussing how social media can influence your Google rankings, most search marketers leave out the details. Rather than discussing exactly how and why increased social media attention can improve your SEO, it’s written off as a generality, leaving social media marketers to wonder whether their strategies are actually effective.

To remedy this, I’ve compiled a list of six social media practices that are shown to effectively boost your SEO. For more ways social media benefits online marketing campaigns, see “The Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing.”

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Link to Broadway Grosses for the week ending January 25, 2015:  Continue reading

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Photo by Joan Marcus, 2014

Photo by Joan Marcus, 2014

The producers of the critically acclaimed new play THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME have announced that the Broadway production has officially recouped its $4.75 million capitalization, following the week ending January 25, 2015. Written by Simon Stephens, adapted from Mark Haddon’s best-selling novel, and directed by Tony Award-winner Marianne Elliott, the play began preview performances on September 20, 2014 and opened to rave reviews on October 5, 2014. The production plays at the Barrymore Theatre (243 West 47th Street).

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The Afternoon Report, Friday, January 23, 2015

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Friday, January 22, 2015

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@HONEYMOONBway Announces #HoundDog ticket contest. • • • RT @broadwaycom: @AnnaChlumsky & Douglas Sills will reunite with @Reneesmusings for @LIVINGLOVEBway • • • What is SOMETHING ROTTEN? (They’re not sure, either.) #SomethingRotten • • • RT @nytimestheater: A provocative play connects @HalleyFeiffer and @bettygilpin (Photo: Sam Hodgson for NYT) • • • RT @ElephantMan: It’s official! #ELEPHANTMAN will transfer to London this summer • • • Tune in to see CURIOUS INCIDENT‘s pet rat Toby on TheaterTalk this weekend @CuriousBroadway • • •


A Teenager’s View on Social Media (written by an actual teen) – by ANDREW WATTS

I read technology articles quite often and see plenty of authors attempt to dissect or describe the teenage audience, especially in regards to social media. However, I have yet to see a teenager contribute their voice to this discussion. This is where I would like to provide my own humble opinion.

For transparency, I am a 19-year-old male attending The University of Texas at Austin. I am extremely interested in social media’s role in our society as well as how it is currently evolving. Thus, the views I provide here are my own, but do stem from observation of not only my own habits but my peers’ habits as well.

This article will not use any studies, data, sources, etc. This is because you can easily get that from any other technology news website and analyze from there. I’m here to provide a different view based off of my life in this “highly coveted” age bracket. That being said, I’m not an expert at this by a long shot and I’m sure there will be data that disproves some of the points I make, but this is just what I’ve noticed.

I think the best way to approach this would be to break it down by social media network and the observations/viewpoints I’ve gathered over the years.

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Four Of The Top Six Social Networks Are Actually Chat Apps
MarketingLand – by MARTIN BECK

Social media networks are still growing rapidly worldwide, but much of that growth is being fueled by messaging apps instead of the usual suspects.

In fact, according to We Are Social’s Digital, Social and Mobile in 2015 report, four of the world’s six largest global social platforms are messaging apps. Facebook still leads with 1.36 billion monthly active users, but QQ (829 million), Facebook-owned WhatsApp (600 million, recently updated to 700 million), Facebook Messenger (500 million) and WeChat (468 million) all rank ahead of any other social network.

Read this article in its entirety, click the link below

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LIVING ON LOVE Announces Additional Casting for Broadway Run

LOL Cast

The producers of Broadway’s newest comedy Living on Love are pleased to announce that Tony Award nominee Douglas Sills, 2-time Emmy Award nominee Anna Chlumsky, Blake Hammond and Scott Robertson will join 4-time Grammy Award winner Renée Fleming in the production. Living on Love, by two-time Tony Award winner Joe DiPietro, based on the play Peccadillo by Garson Kanin, directed by three-time Tony Award winner Kathleen Marshall, begins performances on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 and opens on Monday, April 20, 2015 at the Longacre Theatre (220 West 48th Street). The production will play an 18-week engagement through Sunday, August 2, 2015. Tickets are now on sale to the general public.

The producers are pleased to announce that at every performance, over 100 seats will be set aside to be sold for $25. Over 10,000 $25 tickets will be made available, bookable in advance, throughout the run giving more people an opportunity to experience this new play.

The world’s most famous opera singer Renée Fleming plays the world’s most famous opera singer in this hilarious new screwball comedy. When her larger-than-life maestro husband (Sills) becomes enamored with the lovely young lady (Chlumsky) hired to ghostwrite his largely fictional autobiography, the diva retaliates by hiring her own handsome, young scribe to chronicle her life as an opera star. Sparks fly, silverware is thrown, and romance blossoms in the most unexpected ways.

The creative team includes Derek McLane (Scenic Design), Michael Krass (Costume Design), Peter Kaczorowski (Lighting Design), Scott Lehrer (Sound Design) and Rob Fisher (Music Consultant).

Casting for the role of “Robert Samson” will be announced soon.

Living on Love is produced on Broadway by Scott Landis, Philip Morgaman, Ryan Chang, TNT Dynamite Productions, Just For Laughs Theatricals, Glass Half Full Productions, Stephanie P. McClelland and John Yonover.

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THE ELEPHANT MAN Will Transfer to London This Spring

Elephant Man, The Booth TheatreCurrently enjoying a recorded-breaking run on Broadway, Scott Ellis’ acclaimed production of The Elephant Man will transfer to London with the US cast starring Bradley Cooper, Patricia Clarkson and Alessandro Nivola this spring. The production is now confirmed to play a strictly limited season at the Theatre Royal Haymarket from May 19th until August 8th. Tickets are now on sale.

The cast features Bradley Cooper as John Merrick, Patricia Clarkson as Mrs. Kendal, Alessandro Nivola as Dr. Frederick Treves, Anthony Heald as Ross / Bishop How, Scott Lowell as Snork / Pinhead Manager / Lord John, Kathryn Meisle as Miss Sandwich / Princess and Henry Stram as Carr Gomm / Conductor. The cast also includes Chris Bannow, Peter Bradbury, Lucas Calhoun, Eric Clem, Amanda Lea Mason, Marguerite Stimpson and Emma Thorne.

Bradley Cooper is currently Oscar nominated for Best Actor and, as a Producer, Best Picture for the film American Sniper. His performance in the role saw him win Best Actor in an Action Movie at the 20th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards recently.

Prior to the London engagement, The Elephant Man will continue to play until February 21st, 2015 at the Booth Theatre in New York City. This production was first produced in July 2012 in Williamstown, Massachusetts by the Williamstown Theatre Festival under Jenny Gersten’s season.

Based on the real life of Joseph Merrick, The Elephant Man tells the story of a 19th-century British man who became a star of the traveling freak show circuit. When the renowned Dr Treves takes Merrick under his care, he is astonished by the man’s brilliant intelligence, unshakable faith and, most of all, his resounding desire for love and understanding. He introduces Merrick to the beautiful actress Mrs. Kendal, who is deeply touched by this pure and genuine soul. As a complex friendship blossoms among the three, Treves and Kendal struggle to protect Merrick from a world of questionable intentions.

Bradley Cooper says: “Never did we think we would have the privilege to perform this show on Broadway, let alone in London. I’m honoured that Alessandro, Patricia, the entire company and I have the opportunity to continue to tell his story.”

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Tickets on sale tomorrow, January 23 for the new Broadway production of GIGI


Tickets go on sale tomorrow, Friday, January 23 at 10:00 AM at or by phone at (877) 250-2929 for the new Broadway production of Gigi, Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe’s beloved Oscar and Tony Award-winning film and stage musical. Gigi will open on Broadway on Wednesday, April 8 at the Neil Simon Theatre (250 West 52nd Street).  Previews will begin on Thursday, March 19.

Gigi stars Vanessa Hudgens, who will make her Broadway debut in the title role, Tony Award-winner Victoria Clark (The Light in the Piazza, Sister Act, Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella) as Mamita, Corey Cott (Newsies) as Gaston Lachaille, three-time Tony Award-nominee Dee Hoty (The Will Rogers Follies, The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public, Footloose) as Aunt Alicia, two-time Tony Award-nominee Howard McGillin (The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Anything Goes) as Honoré Lachaille and Steffanie Leigh (Mary Poppins) as Liane d’Exelmans.

Gigi, with book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe, features a new book adaptation by Heidi Thomas (BBC/PBS’s “Call the Midwife”) and is choreographed by Emmy Award-winner Joshua Bergasse (On the Town, “Smash”) and directed by Eric Schaeffer (Follies, Million Dollar Quartet).

The production is playing a pre-Broadway engagement in the Eisenhower Theater at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (David M. Rubenstein, chairman, Deborah F. Rutter, president) in Washington, D.C.  Previews began on Friday, January 16.  Opening night is January 29, and the production runs through February 12.    Tickets for the Kennedy Center engagement are available at

The cast also features Cameron Adams, Kathryn Boswell, Max Clayton, Madeleine Doherty, Ashley Blair Fitzgerald, Hannah Florence, Alison Jantzie, Brian Ogilvie, James Patterson, Justin Prescott, Jeffrey C. Sousa, Manny Stark, Tanairi Sade Vazquez, Richard White, Amos Wolff and Ashley Yeater.

Scenic design is by Tony Award-winner Derek McLane, costume design is by five-time Tony Award- winner Catherine Zuber, lighting design is by four-time Tony Award-winner Natasha Katz and sound design is by Tony Award-nominee Kai Harada.  Hair design is by David Brian Brown.  Make-up design is by Jon Carter.  Musical director is James Moore.  Orchestrations are by August Eriksmoen.  Vocal and incidental music arrangement is by Matt Aument.  Dance music arrangements are by Sam Davis.  Music coordinator is John Miller.  Casting is by Tara Rubin Casting, CSA.  Production management is by Juniper Street Productions.   Production stage manager is Bonnie Panson.

Based on the 1944 novella by Colette, Gigi was first adapted for the Broadway stage by Anita Loos in 1951, with an unknown Audrey Hepburn in the title role; then, following their success with My Fair Lady, Alan Jay Lerner (screenplay and lyrics) and Frederick Loewe (music) adapted the material for the 1958 movie musical, winner of nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture.  The film, directed by Vincente Minnelli, is widely considered the last great MGM movie musical, and is beloved for its wit, charm and sumptuous costume and production design.  Gigi includes such numbers as “Thank Heaven for Little Girls,” “I Remember It Well” “The Night They Invented Champagne” and the Oscar-winning title song, “Gigi”.  Gigi also won the Tony Award for Best Score in 1974.

This new adaptation of Gigi will feature all of the songs from the movie, including two songs, “The Parisians” and “Say a Prayer for Me Tonight,” that were dropped from the previous stage version.  The production also includes four songs written and added to the stage score by Lerner and Loewe in 1973, “Paris is Paris Again,” “I Never Want to Go Home Again,” “The Contract,” and “In This Wide, Wide World.”

Gigi will be produced on Broadway by Jenna Segal, Segal NYC Productions, Ilya Mikhailovic, Eion and Mia Hu, Darren P. Deverna/Jeremiah J. Harris and Merrie L. Davis.  General management is by Foresight Theatrical.

# # # #

Follow Gigi on Twitter: @GigiOnBroadway, Instagram: @Gigi on Broadway and on Facebook.

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The Afternoon Report, Thursday, January 22, 2015

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

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@AtlanticTheater’s #PRAYFORYOU, starring @bettygilpin & Reed Birney, extends run  • • • RT @nytimesarts: Rajiv Joseph Wins $150,000 Laurents/Hatcher Foundation Award for @AtlanticTheater GUARDS AT THE TAJ • • • PHOTOS! Celebrate opening night of I’M GONNA PRAY FOR YOU SO HARD • • • @HONEYMOONBway performs on @TODAYshow • • • RT @HONEYMOONCast: Finished rehearsal! We perform at 10:49am so set those DVRs and Tivos! Y’all ready for The Flying Elvii?! @TODAYshow • • •

Best Twitter Ad Parctices Include Narrow Targets, Videos and Brevity
New York Times/Small Business Guide – by EILENE ZIMMERMAN

More than four years after introducing advertising on its platform, Twitter has changed the way businesses create ads. And as with any game in which the rules have shifted, players adapt by developing new strategies.

Since August, advertisers have started by choosing an objective, which can be followers, clicks, retweets, replies or being designated a “favorite” tweet. Or the goal can be measured by conversions — that is, taking an advertiser’s desired action, like producing a sale or a website visit, installing an app or generating a lead.

The pricing changed, too. Now Twitter charges advertisers only when their ads produce the objectives they have set, enabling small businesses to design their ads more purposefully. But some say this can make Twitter more expensive than other digital platforms, like Facebook, in cost per conversion or per click-through.

Ads on Twitter look like regular tweets, except for a yellow arrow and the words “promoted by” under the tweet. They can be shown to users according to their interests, whom they follow, who follows them, location, gender, language, the device they use (down to the operating system) and television shows and films they watch. Advertisers can use a Twitter “card,” a tool that lets them attach photos, videos or a short-form Vine video to their ads and includes a clickable call to action like “read more” or “shop now.”

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The Billboard Charts ~ Issue Date: 2015-01-31 Continue reading

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Tune in to see THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME’s pet rat Toby on TheaterTalk this weekend

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, The Ethel Barrymore Theatre


Tune in to “Theater Talk” to see THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME’s pet rat, Toby, animal trainer Lydia DesRoche and one of Toby’s many fans, New York Post theatre critic Elisabeth Vincentelli, interviewed by hosts Michael Riedel and Susan Haskins this Friday, January 23 at 1:00 AM on WNET Channel 13. It will also air on CUNY TV Saturday, January 24 at 8:30 PM; Sunday, January 25 at 12:30 PM; Monday, January 26 at 7:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 7:30 PM and will be available online at, and

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