URINETOWN THE MUSICAL begins performances tonight in London’s West End

Urinetown The Musical, the multi-Tony Award winning musical, begins performance tonight in London’s West End at the Apollo Theatre.  Olivier Award winning Jenna Russell (Penelope Pennywise), Jonathan Slinger (Office Lockstock) and Marc Elliott (Mr. McQueen), reprise their acclaimed roles from the London engagement at the St. James Theatre, in the West End transfer of Jamie Lloyd’s ground breaking, splash hit production.




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The Afternoon Report, Monday, September 29, 2014

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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Morning Download: Facebook Ad Platform Injects More Data Into Social Media Campaigns
WSJ.com/CIO Journal – by TOM LOFTUS

Good morning. New research suggests that social media is not carrying the expected punch with retail consumers, but a new offering from Facebook Inc. could change the equation.

Consultant Capgemini S.A. reached its conclusion on sagging social media effectiveness after comparing 2014 and 2012 digital shopper surveys and finding that social media carried less influence among 2014’s respondents. To be sure, the decline was slight, but it nonetheless brings into question why social media impact declined at all, given major social media campaigns by the likes of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Target Corp. “There is definitely a question mark over where and how social media fits into, or adds real value in, the shopper journey,” Brian Girouard, a Capgemini vice president, tells CIO Journal.

A new Facebook Inc. advertising platform called Atlas rolling out today may have an answer, changing our take on traditional social media campaigns in the process. The platform will let marketers identify Facebook users who have seen, interacted with or acted upon relevant ads that appear on Facebook as well as on third-party websites and mobile apps. While a number of companies track users based on online activities, “Facebook’s combination of real identity and voluntarily disclosed personal information makes it a particularly valuable tool for marketers,” the New York Times writes.

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5 reasons why Ello isn’t the second coming of Facebook

Ello is the name on everyone’s lips—at least this week. Led by drag queens who are fed up with Facebook, the new social network is fielding 31,000 requests an hour, and not just because Twitter users are offering up invites. People on Facebook are talking about Ello. That’s how you know it’s legit.

But Facebook is the network Ello wants to kill. Its manifesto is straightforward: “You are not a product.” Ello is ad-free and doesn’t believe in tracking your activity to sell to advertisers. But that isn’t why Ello is popular. The network is invite-only, which is driving demand. People who have signed up are inviting their friends en masse to make the site worth using. Have we so quickly forgotten Google+ and App.net?

The drag community turned to Ello earlier this month after well-known San Francisco drag performers were caught in Facebook’s algorithm dragnet —or were targeted by online bullies, according to a confession on anonymous app Secret—and were forced to use their legal names. The resulting fall-out included protests, meetings between Facebook and drag queens whose profiles were deleted, and now, a boycott. Ello was selected as an alternative.

To read this article in its entirety, click the link below

Link to Broadway Grosses for the week ending September 28, 2014: Continue reading

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The Afternoon Report, Friday, September 26, 2014

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Friday, September 26, 2014

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Broadway’s DISGRACED starts previews tomorrow, announces Rush Policy • • •  RT @broadwaycom: VIDEO! @FOUNDTheMusical #ATCFound star @NickBlaemire on discovering a musical in discarded notes • • •

Social network Ello gets boost after Facebook boots drag queens
The Washington Post – by GAIL SULLIVAN

“You are not a product,” its manifesto declares. It decries social networks that track and record “every post you share, every friend you make and every link you follow” then sell the data to advertisers.

“We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment,” it proclaims. “Not a tool to deceive, coerce and manipulate — but a place to connect, create and celebrate life.”

Ello, a social network where real names are not required, is getting a boost after Facebook booted drag queens. Its founder, Paul Budnitz, told Betabeat the Web site, which rolled out in July, is now getting 4,000 new signups per hour. That could not be independently verified.

“Yes, we’ve been hearing about the Facebook drama too over the last few days,” Budnitz told the Daily Dot. “Ello welcomes the LGBTQ community and we’re very excited to see so many people moving over!”

Meanwhile, “The great gay Facebook exodus begins,” the Daily Dot declared.

To get the whole story, click the link below

Facebook Is Partnering With Stripe to Power “Buy” Button

Facebook first began testing a “Buy” button within the News Feed in July, and payments startup Stripe has been tasked with powering the technology, Re/code has learned.

The “Buy” button, which allows Facebook users to purchase goods that are featured in ads or posts on the social network, is still in its test phase, but multiple sources said Stripe’s technology was supporting the button. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed Thursday that Stripe is the sole Facebook payments partner behind the test.

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Broadway’s DISGRACED starts previews tomorrow, announces Rush Policy

The Pulitzer Prize winning play DISGRACED by Ayad Akhtar will begin previews tomorrow evening Saturday, September 27. Opening night is Thursday, October 23 at the Lyceum Theatre, 149 West 45th Street.  In addition to the Pulitzer Prize, DISGRACED received Obie and Joseph Jefferson Awards.

DISGRACED also announces its Rush Policy:

$32 tickets will be available day of at the box office only. There will be a limited number of tickets available and only one ticket will be sold per person.

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The Afternoon Report, Thursday, September 25, 2014

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

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RT @swhitall: Berry Gordy to hold auditions in Detroit Oct 21 for @MOTOWNMusical @MotownMuseum • • • RT @Theatermania: @nickblaemire & @dannypudi strike a pose. Stay tuned for a fun story with these @AtlanticTheater #FOUNDATC stars • • • Head on over to Hitsville, USA for the chance to audition for @MOTOWNMusical • • • Two fans have produced a video of MATILDA The Musical on Broadway’s “When I Grow Up” en Español • • • RT @broadwaycom: @atlanticTheater @FOUNDthemusical @DannyPudi COMUNITY & why he’s eating so much pizza #ATCFound • • •

Hootsuite Now Valued at $1 Billion, Looking to Add instagram and Snapchat to Dashboard
MediaBistro/AllTwitter – by SHEA BENNETT

Hootsuite has raised $60 million in its latest round of venture capital funding, which now values the Vancouver-based company upwards of $1 billion.

Hootsuite’s social media dashboard is extremely dominant in what was once a fairly competitive space – earlier this month the platform reached 10 million users, representing growth of 3 million users in about a year. Hootsuite’s fremium model has served it well, allowing the dashboard to attract and cater to all levels of user, from social media newcomers to corporates.

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How social media is reshaping news

The ever-growing digital native news world now boasts about 5,000 digital news sector jobs, according to our recent calculations, 3,000 of which are at 30 big digital-only news outlets. Many of these digital organizations emphasize the importance of social media in storytelling and engaging their audiences. As journalists gather for the annual Online News Association conference, here are answers to five questions about social media and the news.

1. How do social media sites stack up on news? When you take into account both the total reach of a site (the share of Americans who use it) and the proportion of users who get news on the site, Facebook is the obvious news powerhouse among the social media sites. Roughly two-thirds (64%) of U.S. adults use the site, and half of those users get news there — amounting to 30% of the general population.

YouTube is the next biggest social news pathway — about half of Americans use the site, and a fifth of them get news there, which translates to 10% of the adult population and puts the site on par with Twitter. Twitter reaches 16% of Americans and half of those users say they get news there, or 8% of Americans. And although only 3% of the U.S. population use reddit, for those that do, getting news there is a major draw–62% have gotten news from the site.

Read this article in its entirety, click the link below

The Billboard Charts ~ Issue Date: 2014-10-04 Continue reading

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Open Call Auditions for MOTOWN THE MUSICAL To Be Held in Hitsville, USA

DETROIT, September 25, 2014 — Producers Kevin McCollum, Doug Morris and Berry Gordy are pleased to announce an open call casting search for African-American singers for both the Broadway production of MOTOWN THE MUSICAL and the national tour, with a rare opportunity to audition at Hitsville U.S.A., home to the Motown Museum (2648 W Grand Blvd) in Detroit, MI on Tuesday, October 21.

The Motown Museum will host auditions in the famed Studio A where Motown’s legendary artists and groups recorded iconic and much-loved music that is featured in MOTOWN THE MUSICAL.

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The Afternoon Report, Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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@MAMMAMIAMusical star @ebaricardo talks ‘Honey, Honey’ nightmares, spray tans & more in our latest video • • •  World premiere of A.R. Gurney’s LOVE AND MONEY to be co-produced by Signature Theatre & Westport Country Playhouse • • • RT @Susan_Blackwell: At @AtlanticTheater watching @FOUNDthemusical. Holy Fing S! @huntbell, @texplush, @elibolin & entire co are making magic #FunnyTouchingMagic • • •

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do With #Twitter Search
MediaBistro.com/AllTwitter – by SHEA BENNETT

Twitter’s search tool is an incredibly powerful part of the system but it’s criminally underused. Indeed, many new users aren’t even aware that you can search on Twitter, and those that do often aren’t aware of the more advanced aspects of the feature.

It’s time to put that right. In this article we’ll look at 10 things you probably didn’t know you could do with Twitter search, with easy-to-follow, clickable examples so you can utilise these tips right away.

You can find the Twitter search box at the top right of any page on Twitter.com, or head on over to search.twitter.com for a Google-like search box.

Ready? Here we go.

To read the list, click the link below

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World premiere of A.R. Gurney’s LOVE AND MONEY to be co-produced by Signature Theatre & Westport Country Playhouse

Signature Theatre (James Houghton, Founding Artistic Director; Erika Mallin, Executive Director) and Westport Country Playhouse (Mark Lamos, Artistic Director; Michael Ross, Managing Director) are pleased to announce that the two organizations will co-produce the world premiere of A.R. Gurney’s LOVE AND MONEY during the 2015-16 Season.

The production will be directed by Mark Lamos, and will be presented at Westport Country Playhouse from July 21 – August 8, 2015, before moving to Signature Theatre later in August 2015. Gurney is currently the Residency One playwright at Signature Theatre, where a new production of his play THE WAYSIDE MOTOR INN has been extended twice through October 5, 2014.

In LOVE AND MONEY, wealthy widow Cornelia Cunningham has led a life of grace and privilege—and she’s making up for it as fast as she can. Determined to donate almost everything she owns before the end, Cornelia’s plans are questioned when an ambitious and ingratiating young man, who may be the grandson she never knew she had, arrives to claim his inheritance. The trials of class, family, legacy, and race are pointedly explored in this world-premiere comedy by Residency One playwright A.R. Gurney.

Exact dates for the Signature run, as well as casting and design team, will be announced at a later date.

To purchase tickets for all Signature productions, call Ticket Services at 212-244-7529 (Tues. – Sun., 11am – 6pm) or visit signaturetheatre.org.

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The Afternoon Report, Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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RT @PIPPINMusical: Lucie Arnaz to play Berthe at the Music Box Theatre beginning October 9th! Photo by: Terry Shapiro • • • Ticket access policies announced for @THERIVERPlay incl. $35 tix, standing room & ‘riverbank’ seating. • • • RT @PlaybillVideo: #Broadway’s @MAMMAMIAMusical Gets Down With @taylorswift13′s ‘Shake It Off’ @sydnibeaudoin • • • Congratulations to @MTC_NYC & @GeffenPlayhouse for the 11 Ovation Award noms for #THECOUNTRYHOUSE. • • •

Facebook Extends Reach With New Advertising Platform
WSJ.com/Technology – by JACK MARSHALL

Facebook Inc. next week will unveil a new advertising platform designed to improve how marketers target and measure the advertisements they buy across the Web, according to people familiar with the company’s plans.

The product, called Atlas, is a re-engineered version of the Atlas Advertiser Suite business Facebook purchased from Microsoft Corp. in 2013. It promises to help marketers understand which Facebook users have seen, interacted with or acted upon ads that appear both on Facebook’s services and on third-party websites and apps.

It will also provide an automated ad-buying tool known in the industry as a “demand-side platform” or “bidder,” which will offer marketers the ability to buy ads that target Facebook’s members as they move around the Web.
To read this article, click the link below

Pinterest to Let Brands Target Their Existing Customers With Ads
AdAge.com/Digital – by TIM PETERSON

Pinterest’s advertising product is only a few months old, but the social network isn’t wasting any time in trying to catch up to Facebook’s and Twitter’s more sophisticated ad businesses.

Pinterest is working on a way for advertisers to target people in a brand’s customer database — like the consumers on an email list — with ads on the social scrapbooking service. The company is also building a measurement tool so that marketers can credit their ads on Pinterest with the purchases people make on a brand’s e-commerce site.

Pinterest quietly disclosed its plans late last week when it previewed an update to its privacy policy that will take effect next month. A company spokesman confirmed the plans to Ad Age.
To read this article, click the link below

Broadway Ad Breakdowns: Continue reading

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THE RIVER announces ticket access policies

THE RIVER, a new play by Jez Butterworth, starring Hugh Jackman, Laura Donnelly and Cush Jumbo and directed by Ian Rickson, is pleased to announce three new ticket access policies for $35 day-of seats, standing room and an additional ticket block which is being added to the theatre’s seating configuration for the production.  THE RIVER begins preview performances on Friday, October 31 and will open on Sunday, November 16 at the Circle in the Square Theatre (50th Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue).  The production will play a strictly limited 13-week engagement through Sunday, January 25, 2015.


The production will sell $35 tickets for every performance.  There will be two ways to purchase these tickets.


Starting every Monday for the current week of performances, 20 seats for each of that week’s performances (160 seats per week) will be available for advance purchase for $35, only at the Circle in the Square box office.  Customers will be able to purchase one or two tickets with a photo ID.    The customer will receive a receipt and the tickets will be held in their name at the box office.  The tickets will be available for pick-up at the box office one hour before the purchased performance and the ticket holder will need to show ID and receipt to receive the tickets.  The policy will go into effect starting on Monday, October 27 at 10:00 AM at the Circle in the Square Theatre box office for the first week of performance.


There will also be 20 tickets available for $35 and sold for day-of performances, available for purchase when the box office opens daily at 10:00 AM (noon for Sunday performances).


A new section of “riverbank” bench seating has been added to the theatre’s configuration for the production of THE RIVER.  These seats are located in the front two rows, encircling the set design.  The seats, which will be $95 and will be available online at www.telecharge.com and at the box office, will provide a unique and personal vantage point for this intimate production.


The production will have $30 standing room locations available for purchase.  The seats will be on sale at the box office and available when the performance is sold out.

On a moonless evening, a man brings his new girlfriend to a remote cabin for a night of trout-fishing. But before the night is over, it becomes clear that nothing is as it seems… and as memory collides with desire, the truth becomes the most elusive catch of all.

THE RIVER was first developed by Sonia Friedman Productions and was subsequently produced by the Royal Court Theatre.  It was presented from October 18-November 17, 2012 in the Royal Court’s Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, in a production directed by Mr. Rickson, also featuring Ms. Donnelly, who makes her Broadway debut alongside Ms. Jumbo.

Hugh Jackman, Laura Donnelly and Cush Jumbo are appearing with the support of Actors’ Equity Association.  The Producers gratefully acknowledge Actors’ Equity Association for its assistance of this production.

The production marks the sixth collaboration between Mr. Butterworth and Mr. Rickson.  Mr. Rickson has previously directed the world premiere productions of Mr. Butterworth’s Mojo, The Night Heron, The Winterling, Parlour Song and the multi-award-winning London and Broadway production of Jerusalem.

Circle in the Square’s unique configuration and intimacy has made it a favorite of many stars who have graced its stage over the decades in both classics and new plays, including Colleen Dewhurst, Lillian Gish, George C. Scott, Julie Christie, Al Pacino, James Earl Jones, Vanessa Redgrave, Kevin Kline, Joanne Woodward, Rex Harrison, John Malkovich, Nathan Lane, Philip Seymour Hoffman and many others.  The 2009 critically acclaimed and Tony Award®-winning revival of The Norman Conquests, produced by Sonia Friedman Productions, also played at the theatre.

THE RIVER is designed by Ultz, with lighting by Charles Balfour, sound by Ian Dickinson for Autograph, music by Stephen Warbeck, and casting by Jim Carnahan.

Tickets for THE RIVER are available at Telecharge.com or by calling 212-239-6200 or 800-447-7400.

# # # #


Follow THE RIVER on Twitter: @TheRiverPlay and on Facebook.

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