The Afternoon Report, Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015 


Under the Influence: A New Perspective on Social Marketing
SkyWord/Content Standard – by MATTHEW CLAUDEL

The Mad Men days are over, Don Draper has been dethroned. Today the most powerful force in advertising is not an executive: it’s you, your friends, your acquaintances, and all the people who populate your social media feeds. This is the basic idea behind influencer marketing—one of the biggest driving forces in advertising strategy today.

If customers really want good information, the best place for them to find it is customers themselves. People have become somewhat immune to high-budget, top-down advertising, and instead relate directly (through a multitude of network platforms) to style-savvy people, peers who have a knack for finding the next big thing.

This transformation is shaking companies around the world down to the core of their corporate identity. In the words of business mogul Scott Cook, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

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Broadway Ad Breakdowns:

Sunday, May 3, 2015
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The Afternoon Report, Monday, May 4, 2015

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook are at war over the future of news – and one of them tried to buy a media company
Business Insider – by ALYSON SHONTELL


In late November, Twitter CFO Anthony Noto accidentally sent a public tweet he’d rather have kept private.

“I still think we should buy them,” his tweet, which has since been deleted, read.

“He is on your schedule for December 15 or 16 — We need to sell him. I have a plan.”

Noto was most likely trying to send a direct message to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. And the company he was interested in buying was Mic, tech industry sources tell Business Insider.

Mic is a media start-up that has received more than $10 million in financing to become a publication of choice for millennials. The sources say Twitter made a loose verbal offer to buy the start-up late last year and that a dollar amount nearing $90 million was discussed. But Mic wasn’t interested, and the brief talks never went any further.

Mic isn’t the only media company Twitter has been interested in. Twitter is in talks to buy the news application Circa, Business Insider reported on Friday.

(A Twitter representative declined to comment on Noto’s direct message or say whether Twitter had acquisition interest in Mic or Circa. Both Mic and Circa declined to comment.)

Twitter may not end up buying a media company, but its interest in Mic and Circa is just one battle in an ongoing war over the future of news.

Every social-media platform, from Facebook to Twitter to Snapchat, is trying to find a way to win control over content and its distribution. Even Pinterest is hiring a media team in New York to chat with publications about how they can partner together, a social-media executive told Business Insider.

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Link to Broadway Grosses for the week ending May 3, 2015:  Continue reading

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The Afternoon Report, Friday, May 1, 2015

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Friday, May 1, 2015 


Today’s Tweets from BBB
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Video Exclusive! Go Behind the Scenes at New JERSEY BOYS Commercial Shoot @JerseyBoysInfo • • • A Choreographer Follows in Gene Kelly’s Famous Steps to Remake “AN AMERICAN IN PARIS” @Studio360show @AmericanInParis • • •

Can social media make you happy?

Studies show that social media makes you happy.

No, wait. Actually, social media makes you depressed.

Have we mentioned that social media can drive you crazy? Well, maybe not, but it probably drives researchers crazy.

The thing is, social media isn’t some separate entity apart from human beings. Social media IS human beings, and therefore, social media is what you make of it. It’s something to keep in mind, because even though the modern forms are new and shiny — Facebook was founded in 2004, Twitter in 2006 — the concept is as old as human relationships.

For example, if you view Facebook through a half-empty glass, it may feel like an endless land of one-upmanship where everybody is doing better than you. On the other hand, if you look at it as a tool for building supportive relationships, it’s a great place to find sympathy, encouragement and connection.

And it is a tool, says Margaret Duffy, a communications professor at the University of Missouri who oversaw a study of college students and Facebook engagement. (Facebook was chosen because “about 100% of college students” are on the platform, Duffy says with a chuckle.)

10 ways to get happy

C’mon – get happy – read this article, click the link below


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The Afternoon Report, Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Thursday, April 30, 2015 


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RT @broadwaycom: @JasonRitter, Mary McCann & more tapped for David Mamet double bill GHOST STORIES off-B’way • • • RT @broadwaycom: PHOTOS! Sing along with the cast of the @ROTTENBroadway in the recording studio • • • RT @nypost: How big are Christian Borle’s arms? Well, they have their own Twitter: @ChrisBorlesArms • • • RT @broadwaycom: Ruff magic! See Gregg Barnes’ Tony-nommed SOMETHING @ROTTENBroadway costumes • • •

Video is Everywhere Today: Are You Keeping Up?
AdWeek/SocialTimes – by DAVID LEE

It used to be that creating great video was a privilege only accessible to a chosen few, the big brands with the big marketing budgets and the flashy advertising agencies. Creating great, or even just good, video required expensive hardware and software that needed to be handled by a professional.

But the technology revolution rolled in and things have changed. Nowadays everyone with a smartphone is walking around with a HD camera in their pocket. And software that makes it easy to create great looking video is getting better and better.

In a world where earning attention is harder and harder, and customer acquisition is getting more and more expensive, video is one of, if not the best, way of earning those eyeballs.

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Google’s YouTube Touts Growth in Mobile Users at New York Event
Bloomberg – by BRIAN WOMACK

Google Inc.’s YouTube said daily users and mobile adoption are growing as it seeks to attract more marketers and faces rising competition.

YouTube daily visitors are up by more than 40 percent year-on-year, said Susan Wojcicki, chief executive officer of the unit, speaking at its “Brandcast” event for advertisers. The company also said that time spent on mobile jumped more than 80 percent.

Google is investing in YouTube’s features to draw marketers and keep pace with rivals such as Hulu LLC, Facebook Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. that are trying to woo consumers and marketers with new services.

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The Billboard Charts ~ Issue Date: 2015-05-09 Continue reading

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The Afternoon Report, Wednesday, April 29, 2015

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015 


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RT @theatermania: PIX: @briandarcyjames & @ROTTENBroadway stars celebrate their 10 @TheTonyAwards nominations • • • Thanks for the @ROTTENBroadway cake, @Jujamcyn!! #TonyNominations • • • Photos: Behind the scenes with Bob Crowley, a Broadway master of design via @WSJ @AMERICANINPARIS @THEAUDIENCEBway • • • RT @NY1onstage: Nominees @cope_leanne & @robbiefairchild of @AMERICANINPARIS chat with Donna Karger #MeetTheNoms • • • RT @nytimestheater: It’s Bradley Cooper of “THE ELEPHANT MAN” #TonyNominations • • • RT @TheTonyAwards: Patricia Clarkson is looking fabulous this morning! Celebrating her Best Actress nom. for ELEPHANT MAN. #MeetTheNoms • • • 



Twitter Acquires TellApart, a Retail Retargeter That Could Supercharge Its ‘Buy’ Button – by ALEX KANTROWITZ

Twitter is acquiring TellApart, an 80-person retail retargeting company based in Burlingame, Calif.

TellApart works with a number of major retailers, including Neiman Marcus, Pottery Barn and Wayfair, Twitter noted in a blog post announcing the acquisition.

In its marketing materials, TellApart emphasizes its “cross-device” expertise, but advertising effectively across mobile and desktop is difficult given the unreliable nature of cookies on mobile devices. The best cure to this problem is login data, and Twitter has lots of it. In its earnings report today, the company claimed 302 million monthly active users, all of whom log in.

It’s worth noting that Twitter has been pushing its “Buy” button recently, new functionality currently open to a select group of Twitter users that allows them to sell things from right within the app.

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3 Tips to Maximize the Synergy of Social Media and Content Marketing
Entrepreneur – by BRETT RELANDER

Are social media marketing and content marketing two disparate entities, or could they perhaps be a marriage made in heaven?

Unfortunately, many brands approach both as if one has nothing to do with the other. The simple fact is that social media marketing cannot function without content. If you have no content, you have nothing to share, tweet or post. Without valuable content, you cannot drive engagement on social media. Therefore, it only stands to reason that content serve as the heart of any successful social media marketing campaign.

With that said, unlike traditional content marketing, content within the sphere of social media marketing must serve specific purposes. To be effective, content for social media marketing must be designed to fit the parameters of specific platforms and, furthermore, must be developed to either generate discussion or provide an open dialogue for current customers. The tips below will guide you through the process of bringing social media and content marketing together.

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The Afternoon Report, Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015 


Boneau/Bryan-Brown congratulates all the TONY nominees!

For a complete list of nominees click the link below



Buzzfeed Unveils Pound to Show How You Really Share Content
A new technology from Buzzfeed tracks content across social networks, offering a more realistic view of how stories spread
FastCompany – by NOAH ROBISCHON

The traditional view of how content spreads socially is tightly bound to a specific network. Share your cat GIF on Facebook, for example, and watch as ever-widening groups of interconnected people propel the image far beyond anything you could have planned—on Facebook. Even analytics providers tend to bucket content this way.

But think about it: Do you really share things just on Facebook? Nope. Like most people you are more likely switching from Twitter to Facebook to Pinterest, chat and email, sharing all the while. And even the best analytics providers out there do a poor job of tracking how that cat GIF gets passed across the social web.

That insight, based in part on research by Stanford and Microsoft, is at the heart of a new initiative announced Monday by BuzzFeed at the NewFronts (which is where online video makers pitch their lineups to advertisers). It’s called Pound, and BuzzFeed publisher Dao Nguyen describes it in a blog post as a proprietary technology that “follows propagations from one sharer to another, through all the downstream visits, even across social networks and one-to-one sharing platforms like Gchat and email.”

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Broadway Ad Breakdowns:

Sunday, April 26, 2015
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The Afternoon Report, Monday, April 27, 2015

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Today’s Tweets from BBB
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Congratulations to @HEDWIGOnBway John Cameron Mitchell on his special Tony Award! • • • Congratulations Jeff Croiter on Outer Critics Circle Award nomination for Outstanding Lighting • • • RT @broadwaycom: SHOW PEOPLE! @ROTTENBroadway star @briandarcyjames on cracking up, SMASH & more • • •

To Engage Audiences with Sotrytelling, Don’t Just Think Like a Pop Star Next – by BOB BEJAN

Researchers at the University of Milan and University of Southern California recently analyzed 2,400 popular songs from the past 50 years and found that the more a song’s chorus is repeated, the higher its likelihood of becoming a No. 1 hit.

For decades, ad campaigns were a similar beast, relying on the reach of mass media and the millions of dollars that bought frequency. But in today’s multimedia world — rich with platforms, apps and fragmented audiences — scaled reach is elusive. While it may still work in music, the use of repetitive messaging in advertising campaigns has been deemed a turnoff by today’s consumers. Engaging consumers deeply and long-term through storytelling has become the means to driving loyalty and revenue growth.

Marketers need to fully embrace technology — from the latest smartphone to the newest social media trends — as the means of enablement and distribution of a story, while using platforms as the glue. Here are five strategies for marketers to keep in mind when using storytelling in campaigns

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Link to Broadway Grosses for the week ending April 26, 2015:  Continue reading

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The Afternoon Report, Friday, April 24, 2015

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Friday, April 24, 2015 


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RT @NY1onstage: There’s nothing rotten about the new musical “SOMETHING ROTTEN!” @Torre_Roma smells a hit • • • RT @broadwaycom: She found her “Right Hand Man!” @ROTTENBroadway’s Heidi Blickenstaff marries Nicholas Rohlfing • • • RT @deutschkurt: PURE JOY!! ROTTEN ON THE TODAY SHOW! • • • Broadway’s new hit musical @ROTTENBroadway ROCKED @TODAYshow Plaza this AM! @briandarcyjames • • • Lisa d’Amour’s proud parents, in authentic NOLA attire! #AIRLINEHIGHWAY • • •

Twitter launches ‘Highlights,” to help users cut through the chaff

Twitter seems to be taking a cue from Facebook.

The company announced on Thursday a feature called Highlights that — like Facebook’s News Feed — is designed to draw on a user’s information to deliver relevant content and keep people from becoming overwhelmed.

“While your home timeline is a great place to browse through and engage with Tweets, we know it can be challenging to find the time to get through everything,” Twitter said in a blog post Thursday.

So Highlights serves users a concise selection of tweets once or twice a day to provide a summary of what’s being talked about on Twitter. The Highlights — currently available only for devices running Google’s Android mobile operating system — are delivered to a user’s smartphone via a push notification.

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STUDY: Interaction with Instagram Posts Trounces Facebook, Twitter
AdWeek/SocialTimes – by DAVID COHEN

When it comes to interaction with posts, Instagram blows away parent company Facebook and Twitter, according to a recent study by social analytics provider Quintly.

Quintly found in a study of 5,000 Instagram profiles that the average Instagram post received 4.8 interactions (likes, comments, shares), compared with 0.72 for Facebook and 0.25 for Twitter (favorites, retweets, replies).

However, Instagram users posted less frequently than Facebook users in the first quarter of 2015, with Facebook users posting roughly 1.5 times per day, compared with once for Instagrammers.

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The Afternoon Report, Thursday, April 23, 2015

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Thursday, April 23, 2015 


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RT @AaronMeier: Video: How many #Broadway openings get a brass band??? #AIRLINEHIGHWAY @mtc_nyc #nola  • • • The cast of #AIRLINEHIGHWAY joins the band in front of the Friedman before starting the show! Happy • • • The band leading the parade to the Friedman Theatre for the #AIRLINEHIGHWAY opening! mtc_nyc • • • Happy opening to @THEVISITMusical! #Breakaleg @Chita_Rivera, Roger Rees, @JasonDanieley, @ElenaShaddow & Co! • • • The leading men of @rottenbroadway! #SOMETHINGROTTEN • • •


Video Feature: Apps to Kindle the Imagination
New York Times/App Smart – by KIT EATON

Nearly everything in our daily lives is driven by rules, habits and social norms, which can stymie creative habits at work or elsewhere. Don’t panic: There are apps to help ignite that spark.

For a writer like me, getting stuck is a big barrier to productivity. At that point, an app like Oflow, $1 on iOS, can really help push your thinking in new directions. Oflow is essentially 150-plus flashcards full of surprising suggestions or exercises to help your thinking process. You can bring the flashcards up at random, or scan through the list and choose one that tempts you from its brief headline-like description. The cards are filled with just a few dozen words that tell you to, for example, write a story to summarize your problem, or ask a child how they would tackle the task you’re stuck on.

You can “favorite” flashcards that you particularly like, share them via email or over social media and write notes in response to them for later perusal. While Oflow won’t help you change the world, it can help nudge you in a new direction.

It sounds simple because it is. The app’s menus are easy to use, the flashcards are well written and using the whole package is a positive experience. But the content is limited, so you may stumble across the same ideas sometimes; the app hasn’t been updated with new suggestions in a while.

The next app may sound weird, but it can tickle your brain to help untangle stuck thinking. It’s called HaikuJAM, a collaborative poem-writing app based around creating haiku poems.

Watch the video and read this article, click the link below



INFOGRAPHIC: Hashing Out Hashtags
AdWeek/SocialTimes – by DAVID COHEN

What are the best uses for hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook?

SurePayroll created the infographic below, which explains why hashtags should be used and provides tips for successful hashtag campaigns on the three social networks.

Have a look at this infographic, click the link below



The Billboard Charts ~ Issue Date: 2015-05-02 Continue reading

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Cicely Tyson and James Earl Jones to star on Broadway in D.L. Coburn’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, THE GIN GAME

Tyson and Jones

Legendary actors James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson will share a Broadway stage for the first time in almost fifty years in a new production of D.L. Coburn’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, The Gin Game, directed by Leonard Foglia (Master Class, Thurgood).  The production opens Tuesday, October 13 at the Golden Theatre (252 West 45th Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue).  Previews begin September 21.

Ms. Tyson is a Tony Award-winner (The Trip to Bountiful), a three-time Emmy Award winner (“The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman,” “The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All”) and an Oscar nominee (Sounder).  Mr. Jones is a two-time Tony Award winner (Fences, The Great White Hope), three-time Emmy Award winner (“Heat Wave,” “Gabriel’s Fire,” “Summer’s End”) and the recipient of a Grammy Award and an Honorary Oscar.

Ms. Tyson and Mr. Jones are sharing a Broadway stage for the first time since 1966, when they appeared in A Hand Is On The Gate at the Longacre Theatre.  They also starred in the long-running Off-Broadway production of Jean Genet’s The Blacks.   They starred opposite each other in the film The River Niger and the TV movie “Heat Wave”.

The Gin Game returns to the Golden Theatre where the original production opened in 1977, starring Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy.  The play last appeared on Broadway in 1997, in a production starring Charles Durning and Julie Harris.  The Gin Game has also been filmed twice for television; in 1981 with original stars Cronyn and Tandy, and in 2003 with Dick van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore.  Since its premiere, the play has also been staged across the United States and all over the world.

The production will be produced by OSTAR Productions. Complete creative team will be announced at a later date.

Weller Martin (James Earl Jones) and Fonsia Dorsey (Cicely Tyson) meet on the porch of their nursing home and strike up a friendship, with Weller teaching Fonsia how to play gin rummy. As they play, they share stories about the lives they led in the outside world. But when Fonsia wins every hand, Weller becomes increasingly frustrated, until their gin games and conversations become a battleground, with each player exposing the other’s failures, disappointments and insecurities.

Cicely Tyson (Fonsia Dorsey) won a 2013 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for her performance in The Trip to Bountiful and was also nominated for an Emmy Award for the 2014 television movie version.   Best known for her ground-breaking double Emmy Award-winning performance as Jane in “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman,” Miss Tyson was also nominated for an Academy Award for Sounder.  She then received her third Emmy Award for “The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All” and was also nominated for her performances in “Roots,” “King,” “Sweet Justice,” “The Marva Collins Story” and “A Lesson Before Dying”.  Her many film credits include the upcoming Showing Roots, The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, Fried Green Tomatoes, Because of Winn-Dixie, Hoodlum, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Madea’s Family Reunion, Why Did I Get Married Too?, The Help, Alex Cross.  Broadway credits include The Corn Is Green, Trumpets of the Lord, A Hand Is On The Gate, Cool World and Jolly’s Progress.  Off-Broadway, she appeared in the long-running production of Jean Genet’s The Blacks.  Miss Tyson has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  In 1995, a middle school in East Orange, NJ was named for her.  Following Miss Tyson’s involvement in 2009, she was able to open a new $143 million state-of-the-art kindergarten through High School renamed the Cicely L. Tyson Community School of Performing and Fine Arts.

James Earl Jones (Weller Martin) made his Broadway debut in 1957 and most recently starred on Broadway in You Can’t Take It With You.  He won Tony Awards for The Great White Hope and Fences, and received Tony Award nominations for On Golden Pond and The Best Man.  He received Drama Desk Awards for Othello, Les Blancs, Hamlet, The Cherry Orchard and Fences, Obie Awards for Clandestine on the Morning Line, The Apple, Moon on a Rainbow Shawl, the LA Critics Circle Award for Fences, and an Olivier Award nomination for Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.  Other theatre credits include Driving Miss Daisy (Broadway, London, Australia).   He is an award-winning film and TV actor and recipient of three Emmy Awards, a Grammy Award and a Lifetime Achievement Oscar.

D.L. Coburn (Playwright) came to prominence in 1977 with The Gin Game, which was his first play.   The Gin Game ran on Broadway for 516 performances and subsequently toured the nation with its original cast of Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy to sold-out performances in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and a half-dozen other cities before going on to a triumphant tour of England and the then Soviet Union.  It has since had major productions in virtually every country of the western world, including France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Israel, Hungary, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and South Africa, as well as heralded productions in China and Japan.  In 1978, the play garnered four Tony nominations and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.  Plays Mr. Coburn has written since The Gin Game includeBlue Water Cottage (1979), Guy (1983), Noble Adjustment (1985), Return to Bluefin (1992), Fear of Darkness (1995) and Firebrand (1997).  Additionally, he has written television pilots for CBS and ABC and several screenplays including Flight of Angels (1987), A Virgin Year (1991) and Legal Access (1994).

Leonard Foglia (Director) is a theater and opera director as well as librettist. Original Broadway productions: Master Class, Thurgood (filmed for HBO),The People In The Picture.  Revivals: On Golden Pond, Wait Until Dark. Off-Broadway: Let Me Down Easy (filmed for PBS), The Stendhal Syndrome, One Touch of Venus, If Memory Serves, Lonely Planet.  Regional: Unusual Acts of Devotion, Distracted, Paper Doll,The Secret Letters of Jackie and Marilyn, The Subject Was Roses, Things Being What They Are, God’s Man in Texas.  Opera: He has directed the world premieres of Moby Dick (filmed for PBS), Everest, El Pasado Nunca Se Termina/The Past Is Never Finished (librettist and director), Cruzar La Cara De La Luna/To Cross The Face Of The Moon (librettist and director), A Coffin In Egypt (librettist and director), The End of the Affair and Three Decembers. His production of Dead Man Walking has been presented in opera companies across the US. This summer he will direct the premier of the opera Cold Mountain. 

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